Moving with Ease & Freedom

Series of 5 workshops - Module 1 


This is the first module of three that leads to a deeper understanding of how to move easily and effortlessly in daily or professional activity.  All five workshops are practical and experiential so that you can explore ideas and adapt them to your particular issue with the teachers guidance. There is an order of learning which is inbuilt in the course structure though this can vary according to the participants needs and requests.

The work centres around the principle that our physicality and way of thinking operate as a whole system.  They each influence the other and operate in unity. It begins by considering how we are supported on the ground and how much effort is required to remain upright.  ​

Within this theme we will explore:

  • simple movements such as standing, sitting and walking

  • the importance of awareness and spotting potential harmful habits​

  • ​the possible consequences of harmful habits

  • how the balance mechanism works and how to be centred

  • how to begin adapting this knowledge in everyday life

As we go through this material, we will also take time to look at common misconceptions about posture, sitting up straight, ‘getting it right’ amongst others.

To benefit the most from the work, you are encouraged to explore and reflect on your newly acquired knowledge in-between workshops.  Each time we will begin with your comments, feedback and questions. They serve to guide the ongoing sessions, ensure understanding and keep the content relevant to your concerns.

What to bring

Wear clothing easy to move in and barefeet or socks.  

Moving with Ease & Freedom 

Series of 5 workshops - Module 2 

Place: MBS Academie 

696 Avenue Font-Roubert 06250 Mougins


Time:  10am - 11.30am

Price: 150€ 


These five workshops will continue in the same format as the previous module.  There will be further demonstrations and

as always each session begins with your questions, feedback and comments. 

Each week you will receive a summary of the session and there will be informative articles available to you during the course.


In these five sessions we will :

●      revise simple movements such as standing, sitting and walking

●      look at the effects of gravity on our system

●      how  your thinking plays a role in changing your co-ordination

●      why, even when moving constructively, muscles may feel tired at first

●      how to begin adapting this knowledge in everyday life

What to bring

We will work shoeless and you may like to wear clothing that is easy to move in. 

 Learning to Move & Moving to Learn

These classes will help your child avoid the rigors of school and modern living that develop into harmful habits so easily, such as slouching, tension in the neck and shoulders or excess effort in standing and sitting. This can result in chronic pain and injury in later years or even in adolescence. 


Fortunately, learning is part of our DNA and children learn quickly. In these workshops creative movement, bodymapping games and amusing exercises will encourage your child :

- to release excess tension

- to improve motor skills

-  to refind the ease and poise of earlier childhood.

- to improve the attention span