Learning to Move
Moving to Learn

            Free  trial class September 28th or 29th     for 6 - 8 yr olds                     

Young children move so freely and naturally yet when exposed to the rigors of sitting for hours at school or huddled over a computer, they begin to develop harmful patterns of coordination that can result in chronic pain and injury in adolescence and in later years. 


Fortunately, learning is part of our DNA and children learn quickly.

These weekly classes consist of creative movement games and fun activities that encourage children to become more aware of their own tension patterns and  habits and to offer healthier alternatives.

kids running.jpg

From a more global perspective,  when children explore the interplay between their ideas, thoughts and how they move, they become more in tune with themselves and their emotions.  

What to wear:


Loose clothing such as Sweatpants and t-shirts. Barefeet or socks.


Tuesdays : 5pm – 6pm


Wednesdays : 2pm – 3pm

Price : 18€ per class or 135€ for the autumn term  (9 classes 15€ each)


MBS Academie, 696 Avenue de Font Roubert, 
06250 Mougins

Reserve a place: MBS Academie