The afternoons are divided into 1.5h of English and Maths revision  and 1.5h of  movement workshops based on the Alexander Technique. The following is a description of the movement workshop.


The way children move and hold themselves has a direct impact on their learning and well-being.  These workshops aim to ensure your child has a headstart.

During their pre-school years, children move so freely and naturally yet when exposed to the rigours of school and modern living they begin to develop harmful patterns of coordination which become habits for life if left unchecked. For example, in this photo every single child is slouching, twisting their spines or are holding tension in their necks and shoulders  putting strain on muscles, tendons and joints.  After some years of studying like this, these pupils will suffer from aches and pain and end up


with chronic injuries.  


But it is not too late ! We are learning creatures and children learn quickly.  In these workshops, creative movement games and amusing exercises will help your child rediscover the ease and poise that they enjoyed in their earlier years.  We will also look at how to sit without hurting the spine and how to hold a pen without crunching the wrist and hand muscles.  The children can then put this knowledge into practise in the English and Maths lessons in the same morning.  

By regaining their natural alignment, their attention span and learning skills also improve.