The premise of this work is that we function as entire, sensitive, intelligent beings. For example, if you have sore shoulders, it could be the result of you rushing around all day trying to achieve the list of tasks you have set yourself. The tension that ensues would have such an effect.  Or perhaps it is due to the way you sit at the computer day after day – the list of possibilities is endless. That is why in this work we begin with a clean slate and aim to uncover the source of the problem rather than treating the result of it. In other words, treating sore shoulders may not necessarily mean working directly on the shoulders.  There are two different approaches depending on the issue which are explained below.

You have a lot of information about yourself that the teacher can never know. This is why we give you the tools and process to continue learning for yourself.  

Moving with knowledge

Classes aim to help you understand how to prevent injuring yourself through moving unconstructively, to stimulate your own healing and to alleviate or eradicate the pain.  Improving your awareness and balance also helps to avoid small accidents and by refining your movement capabilities and use of intention, you can improve your technique in sport, dance, yoga amongst others. 

How are they taught?

There are no physical exercises, machines or treatments. Sessions involve simple demonstrations in standing or walking to pinpoint your unconstructive habitual movement patterns along with basic anatomical and physiological  information to support your experience.  By using a sensitive and very light touch I can also help you become more aware of certain tensions and holdings. As we work together you will learn the process and valuable tools with which to continue working on yourself and put them into practise in between sessions. At the beginning of the session you are invited to comment on your findings and ask questions to follow your progress and adapt to your particular needs.  Resource materiel is available throughout the course.

How does it work?

Learning through your own experience is fundamental in understanding your particular issue.  This is why you will be encouraged to explore your newfound knowledge in between sessions and to give feedback on it.  

 The material will uncover common miscoceptions about good posture, muscle strength, core muscles, strengthening and stretching exercises and much more. No previous anatomical knowledge is necessary and the emphasis is on how we function as a whole and less on learning about body parts. It can be applied to personal issues or professional activities and used in training programs or teaching methods.  This work is based on the Anatomy of Wholeness work developed by David Gorman and the Alexander Technique.   

NOTE: medical attention is always advocated when necessary

Uncovering fixed ideas and misconceptions  

The aim of these sessions is to teach you a method to deal with problematic issues in your life in order to alleviate or even irradicate them. They are mainly conversational with games to demonstrate certain principles. Through questions and explorations of your perspective on the world you will begin to see how they affect your behaviour, habits and relationship to it.  Once you understand how your issues may relate to your preconceived ideas, non-constructive thoughts or inaccurate expectations you can experiment in making changes and choices to improve the quality of your life.  The emphasis is on self learning and exploration with the guidance of a certified teacher. 

Very often we suffer pain, discomfort or negative emotions without really understanding why we are suffering from them, mistaking these symptoms as the problem itself. We don’t look further into the underlying causes.  In our daily life we are sometimes confronted with various difficulties such as indecision, stress at work, low self-esteem or find ourselves caught in reoccurring problems - phobias, self judgement, physical aches and pains. In turn they leave us feeling angry, frustrated or depressed. These feelings are symptoms or ‘alerts’ that tell us something is wrong.  However,  very often our response is to try and get rid of these disagreeable feelings as quickly as possible; take an aspirin, have a massage, go shopping, talk to a friend….Sometimes it works and the uncomfortable period is forgotten….. until it happens again. So once again we look for some way to stop these unpleasant moments…. and the cycle continues. Various techniques are tested and abandoned, expertise advice sought after with little or no effect until we start to believe that there is nothing to be done and either it is our personal problem for life or that we haven’t found the perfect method, treatment or technique…yet.


Could our feelings be alerting us to something and if so what? 

To answer these questions is to accept and take note of these alarm bells and investigate their message and significance. Through  asking the right questions, reasoning and learning from your own experiences, you will discover the cause of the problem which is, very often, related to your preconceived ideas, non-constructive thoughts or inaccurate expectations. Once the cause is discovered there is an opportunity to make changes and choices to improve the quality of your life.  Workshops and individual sessions help you learn the necessary tools to accomplish this. This  is based on David Gorman's work called LearningMethods.™